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BodyFX Testimonial

Helen C is a marketing consultant in Manhattan who experienced weight gain after surgery. Try as she might, she discovered that diets and exercise were not working to help her lose those unwanted pounds. Helen turned to the ChinQuee Center for Wellness & Aesthetics. That's where she learned about BodyFX from founder Dr. Karlene ChinQuee. Dr. ChinQuee first determined that Helen was a good candidate for the procedure and then gave her the full details as to how this combination of radiofrequency (RF) energy and deep tissue heating was in her case, the very best option for shedding those unwanted pounds. Helen says what most appealed to her at the start, was that she could do the treatments during her lunch hour and not worry about experience any downtime. She says the real payoff came when friends and family started noticing her flatter stomach. She was especially thrilled when her husband noticed after only three weeks. Please take a moment to look at Helen's video to hear about her personal experience with BodyFX.