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Cosmetic Dermatology Blog

Cosmetic Dermatology Blog

How Much Fat Can Be Reduced with EMSCULPT NEO®?

Adean Kingston | 05/09/2024

Achieve a significant reduction in unwanted fat while simultaneously boosting muscle mass with nonsurgical EMSCULPT NEO®.


When Can I Expect Swelling to Diminish After PDO Threads?

Adean Kingston | 04/13/2024

PDO thread lift results are fairly immediate, but some post-treatment swelling can take time to resolve. Learn more about thread lift downtime here.


Three Areas on the Face to Smooth with BOTOX® Injections

Adean Kingston | 03/08/2024

Explore three of the most common treatment areas for BOTOX®, and discover what anti-aging results may be possible for you.


How Does DAXXIFY® Differ From BOTOX®?

Adean Kingston | 02/23/2024

Discover some of the compelling benefits of DAXXIFY® that set it apart from BOTOX® and other injectable wrinkle relaxers.


EMSCULPT NEO® EDGE Can Help Give You the Sculpted Body You Desire

Adean Kingston | 01/15/2024

Discover EMSCULPT NEO® EDGE with Dr. Adean Kingston for advanced, nonsurgical body sculpting in Dallas, TX. Transform your physique today.


Will PDO Threads Wear Off Over Time?

Adean Kingston | 12/15/2023

Explore the benefits of PDO thread lifts with Dr. Adean Kingston in Dallas, TX, for effective, immediate, and lasting rejuvenation.


Achieve the Booty of Your Dreams with a Nonsurgical Butt Augmentation

Adean Kingston | 11/02/2023

Achieve a fuller, perkier booty with nonsurgical options like EMSCULPT NEO® and Sculptra® at Adean Kingston, M.D., PLLC in Dallas, TX.


Smooth Crow's Feet Lines with BOTOX® Injections

Adean Kingston | 10/09/2023

Explore how board-certified dermatologist Dr. Adean Kingston in Dallas, TX, can effectively treat Crow's feet with BOTOX® injections.


How Long Can DAXXIFY® Last in Frown Lines?

Adean Kingston | 09/10/2023

Discover how long DAXXIFY injections can last for treating frown lines with Dr. Adean Kingston in Dallas, TX, with effective, long-lasting results.


What are the Benefits of Eryfotona Actinica® for Sun Damage Prevention?

Adean Kingston | 08/13/2023

Guard your skin against harmful sun rays and repair damage with Eryfotona Actinica.


Upneeq® Can Help Lift Low-Lying Eyelids in Just a Few Drops

Adean Kingston | 07/12/2023

Dr. Adean Kingston provides ptosis treatment using Upneeq eyelid drops in Dallas, TX to help lift low-lying eyelids and improve vision and appearance.


Remove Stubborn Love Handle Fat and Slim Your Waistline With EMSCULPT NEO® EDGE

Adean Kingston | 06/05/2023

EMSCULPT NEO EDGE applicators can reduce the appearance of love handles. Our dermatologist in Dallas explains how EMSCULPT NEO near me works.


What Are the Different Types of PDO Threads?

Adean Kingston | 05/08/2023

PDO threads can lift and rejuvenate your facial features. Learn about our cutting-edge PDO thread lift treatment and which options are available.


Boost the Shape of Your Buttocks With Nonsurgical Butt Augmentation

Adean Kingston | 04/21/2023

EMSCULPT NEO® and Sculptra® dermal fillers can be combined to enhance your bottom. Learn about nonsurgical butt augmentation and how it works here.


Three Reasons to Try DAXXIFY®, The New BOTOX® Alternative

Adean Kingston | 03/09/2023

Are you looking for a new BOTOX alternative? Our dermatologist in Dallas may recommend DAXXIFY over BOTOX injections for frown lines in the forehead.


Watch Fine Lines and Wrinkles Fade Away With BOTOX® Injections

Adean Kingston | 02/10/2023

BOTOX in Dallas, TX can help you look and feel younger! Here, a dermatologist explains what areas to get BOTOX on the face and how treatment works.


How to Rejuvenate Your Skin With Laser Resurfacing Treatments

Adean Kingston | 01/11/2023

Laser resurfacing can clear away fine lines, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. Learn about this unique skin rejuvenation treatment and how it works.


Can Hyperpigmentation be Reduced With Chemical Peel Treatment?

Adean Kingston | 12/14/2022

Hyperpigmentation and dark spots are often caused by sun damage. See how our dermatologist in Dallas addresses problem areas with a chemical peel.


The Importance of Annual Full-Body Skin Exams With a Dermatologist

Adean Kingston | 11/07/2022

A dermatologist in Dallas can perform a skin cancer screening. Discover the benefits of early detection by scheduling an appointment with our team.


Why More Patients are Choosing Jeuveau™ (NewTox) Over BOTOX®

Adean Kingston | 10/11/2022

Jeuveau wrinkle relaxers provide the same results as BOTOX but at a reduced cost. Learn about this neuromodulator, also called NewTox, from our team.


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