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When Can I Expect Swelling to Diminish After PDO Threads?

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More and more people each year are turning to the PDO thread lift to help reverse the unwanted signs of aging — and for good reason. Not only are PDO threads a minimally invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, but they can actually help to prolong the results of facelift surgery and boost the results of other nonsurgical anti-aging procedures such as fillers. Additionally, PDO thread lift treatment requires virtually no downtime and provides immediate results, though some mild swelling can be expected. Here, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Adean Kingston outlines what to expect after a PDO thread lift at Adean Kingston, M.D., PLLC in Dallas, TX, including how long thread lift swelling may last and when you'll be able to enjoy your younger new look.

What is a PDO thread lift?

At our Dallas, TX cosmetic dermatology practice, we are proud to offer PDO thread lifting with advanced NovaThreads® as a minimally invasive aesthetic facial and neck rejuvenation treatment that can help virtually turn back the clock and restore a more youthful look without the downsides of plastic surgery and other more invasive options. During a PDO thread lift, Dr. Kingston inserts absorbable sutures in strategic areas of the face to gently lift and tighten the skin and tissues for a firmer and younger appearance.

How soon will I look younger after a thread lift?

One of the most exciting benefits of a NovaThreads nonsurgical facelift is that the preliminary results of the procedure are visible almost immediately. Still, patients should expect some mild swelling and potentially bruising at the injection sites.

How long does swelling after a PDO thread lift last?

While each patient's response to treatment will vary, patients can generally expect mild residual swelling to last from a few hours to a few days after PDO thread lifting. In some cases, swelling may last for up to a week, though it is typically very mild. To help minimize PDO thread lifting swelling and enjoy your results as soon as possible, use these tips:

  • Avoid strenuous physical activity and heavy lifting for at least 24 – 48 hours after your treatment, or until cleared by Dr. Kingston
  • Use a gentle cold compress as recommended
  • Take medications as prescribed and directed but avoid medically non necessary blood thinners such as Aspirin and Advil
  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated
  • Avoid excessive sodium intake
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid alcohol

How long does a PDO thread lift last?

Again, each patient's response to treatment will vary somewhat based on the extent of their facial aging, the placement of the threads, and other variables. In most cases, patients are able to enjoy their firmer and more youthful appearance after a NovaThreads PDO thread lift for up to 6 – 12 months before a repeat treatment may be needed. In the interim, Dr. Kingston can recommend complementary treatments and procedures that can help to boost or even prolong the results of your PDO thread lift to keep you looking and feeling your best for longer.

Reinvent your look the easy way with a nonsurgical thread facelift in Dallas, TX

Are you frustrated by visible signs of facial aging but prefer a more convenient alternative to facelift surgery? If so, a PDO thread lift can offer a fantastic opportunity to almost instantly lift, smooth, and firm your facial features without the extended recovery time, scarring, and expense of invasive cosmetic surgery. To learn more about the transformative possibilities of PDO thread lifting, call Adean Kingston, M.D., PLLC to schedule your one-on-one consultation with board-certified Dallas, TX cosmetic and medical dermatologist Dr. Adean Kingston today.

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