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TeleDermatology Services Now Available in Response to Covid-19

We have launched our TeleDermatology services that will be available for the next few months during the Covid-19 outbreak to OUR ESTABLISHED PATIENTS AS WELL AS TO NEW PATIENTS WHO RESIDE IN THE STATE OF TEXAS. Patients who feel that their dermatologic issues can be appropriately addressed via video conferencing using the platform or through audio only (telephone consultation) are able to schedule a virtual visit for our services. Patients schedule their virtual appointment as if they were actually coming into the office (through online booking via our website or ZocDoc/or by calling the office) but indicate that they want a virtual visit. This is a HIPPA compliant patient doctor visit that uses patients health insurance as if it was a face to face exam. Thus, your office copay will be taken at the beginning of the visit and the visit itself will be submitted to your health insurance company. Any services NOT reimbursed or covered by your health insurance plan is your financial responsibility. Patients without insurance or are out of our insurance network can schedule a virtual visit for a $110 fee that would be paid on an accepted credit card.

Examples of types of virtual appointments that can be utilized by our established patients include but are not limited to: routine follow up appointments, medication refills, having a spot of concern, a new rash or a flare of your chronic skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc. For new patients, virtual visits can be used for the treatment of general medical dermatologic conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, rash, spot of concern, etc. If your dermatologic issue requires a procedure such as a skin biopsy, medication injection, incision and drainage of an abscess, etc. then a face to face appointment is necessary and we will gladly see you in the office if you have no risk factors and pass screening criteria for Covid-19. Since full body skin exams are not compatible with virtual visits, we ask that patients wanting a routine exam without significant history of skin cancer and no immediate concerns schedule an in office exam for July or later at this time.

The consent form for a virtual visit can be found under patient resources on our website.