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Warts in Dallas, TX

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About Warts

Warts are a common skin condition that can be located anywhere on the face and body. They tend to look like small, fleshy bumps, and they often vary in size. Warts can appear as a single lesion or in a cluster of warts grouped together.  Warts are caused by HPV, otherwise known as the human papilloma virus. Although warts are harmless for the most part, they can be unsightly and bothersome. Over-the-counter wart removal treatments are usually not enough to treat a wart fully. Because of this, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Adean Kingston offers wart removal at her office in Dallas, Texas. If you have a wart or other skin growth you want removed, schedule a consultation at Adean Kingston, M.D. to have your concern dealt with.


Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). They are generally spread from person to person via skin-to-skin contact. Warts can also be the result of contact with an object that has human papilloma virus on it, such as exercise equipment or a towel. It is easier to get warts through a cut or scrape in the skin, so areas that are frequently shaved (the face, legs, or under the arms) are at an increased risk.

Treatment Options

Warts can reoccur even after your initial treatment, so it is important to find the right treatment to minimize future outbreaks. Freezing a wart is a common treatment that is often performed with success. For this method, Dr. Kingston uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart away. A blister will form around the wart and the deadened tissues will fall off within a week. Another option is applying podophyllin, a substance that can cause inflammation of the skin when applied to a wart. This chemical is applied to the skin to form a blister around the wart — it is a common and popular treatment because the application causes little to no pain. Larger warts may be treated with shave removal or curettage and Dr. Kingston may prescribe a topical to use at home. Laser treatments, chemical peels, candida injections, or immunotherapy could also be potential treatment options if the wart(s) is difficult to treat.


Common wart symptoms include bumps that may be tender, grainy at the top, and rough to the touch. Plantar warts appear on the soles of the feet and are often speckled with tiny, black spots, which are clotted blood vessels. Flat warts are smaller and often appear together as numerous lesions in comparison to other types of warts.  The flat warts are most common on the face and legs, and spread with shaving.

Wart and Worry Free

Though most warts are harmless, you probably want it removed as soon as possible. Instead of wasting time with home treatments, have your wart(s) checked out by a trained professional, like board-certified dermatologist Dr. Kingston. She will examine the wart(s) to determine the type and best course of treatment. Contact Adean Kingston, M.D. in Dallas, Texas and schedule a consultation to treat existing warts and reduce their re-occurrence.

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