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Sculptra® in Dallas, TX

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What is Sculptra®?

Volume loss occurs naturally during the aging process, particularly in the mid-face as the cheeks become flat and hollow. Dr. Adean Kingston is an expert injector of Sculptra® Aesthetic, a poly-L-lactic acid-based collagen stimulator that allows for deeper and longer-lasting volume replacement in areas of the face such as the cheeks and temples.  In addition to improving the contour of the cheeks, Sculptra® can decrease the appearance of shallow to deep lines and wrinkles, including the nasolabial folds (also known as smile or laugh lines) that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth.  In addition to providing volume and reducing lines on the face, Sculptra® is a great option to help improve the contour of your chin and jawline.   Dr. Kingston also uses Sculptra® for augmentation and reshaping of the buttock and to correct acne scars.  With its unique formula approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Sculptra® promotes the natural production of collagen in your body so even if you stop treatments, your skin will still be healthier compared to before Sculptra® injections. Schedule a consultation at Adean Kingston, M.D., PLLC in Dallas, Texas to learn more about the benefits of this cosmetic treatment.

What are the benefits?

Sculptra is a popular dermal filler that is able to give Dr. Kingston's patients a refreshed appearance. Benefits of this treatment carried out at our Dallas, TX facility include:

  • Diminishing fine lines, creases, and wrinkles
  • Restoring lost volume
  • Attaining a more awake appearance
  • Promoting the formation of collagen and helping skin vitality
  • No surgical procedures, no scars, and no recovery time

Does Sculptra Facial Rejuvenation Look Natural?

The Sculptra treatment is excellent for rejuvenating and refreshing the look of your face and a great alternative to plastic surgery. Because Sculptra stimulates the natural production of collagen in your skin, it can smoothen and tighten the skin in a way that looks natural and not puffy or bloated. And best of all, you don't have a lengthy recovery time.

can sculptra lift and augment my butt?

Sculptra isn't just Dr. Kingston's favorite procedure for natural-looking facial rejuvenation - it's also her favorite treatment to lift and augment the butt. A Sculptra treatment for the butt is safer than surgical procedures and is a great way to lift and smooth while providing subtle reshaping. So if you want a natural-looking solution to lift and tighten your butt rather than a large increase in volume, Sculptra is a good choice.

Who is a candidate for sculptra®?

Sculptra® is best for patients who want to add volume in the temples and cheeks of their face or in their buttock without surgery. Sculptra can also be used to fill shallow to deep facial lines and wrinkles, like marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and the chin crease as well as improve the contour of the jawline. Patients who choose Sculptra over traditional dermal fillers like its natural-looking results which occur slowly over several months rather than instantly.  And because Sculptra helps to increase the body's natural production of collagen, patients will have a visible improvement in the overall health and appearance of their skin.

What is a sculptra treatment like?

After your consultation to create your personal treatment plan, you will receive your Sculptra injections in one of our private procedure rooms.  After the area being treated is cleansed and dried, topical lidocaine is applied to help alleviate discomfort during the procedure.  Once you are ready, Sculptra will be injected into the deeper layers of the skin in the selected areas.  For best results, Dr. Kingston recommends a series of Sculptra injections, each scheduled at Adean Kingston, M.D., PLLC about 2 months apart.

What to Expect after a sculptra treatment

After your Sculptra treatment, you may have mild to moderate redness, swelling, tenderness, or bruising at the injection sites that should subside naturally in a few days. For faster healing, you can apply cold packs to the injection sites. You will be instructed on post-procedure care which includes massaging the treatment area a few times a day for the week after treatment.  Most patients will see visible improvements immediately after their injections with full results appearing after several months as the natural production of collagen strengthens the skin. The results from your Sculptra® injections can last up to two years or longer.  

sculptra faqs

How much does Sculptra cost? 
Sculptra injections can range in price, depending on how many vials are needed to reach your wanted results. Some patients may need a series of injections for optimal outcomes. During your consultation, we will discuss your cosmetic goals and tailor a treatment plan for your specific budget.

How does Sculptra work? 
Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulator that works within the dermis of the skin to help stimulate the production of collagen. It can help to restore the skin’s inner structure and volume over time as more collagen is formed. The rebuilt strands of collagen can effectively plump deflated areas and help fill out facial folds and wrinkles.

Are Sculptra injections safe? 
Approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Sculptra has a long history of safety worldwide since 1999. Though side effects are rare, they can include slight pain, bruising, swelling, and/or redness. In some cases, small nodules may form in the injected area but these are temporary and avoidable with a proper massage after treatment.  Contact Adean Kingston, M.D., PLLC if you experience any abnormal or lasting side effects.

What is the best age to receive Sculptra? 
The most common age to receive Sculptra injections is between the ages 30 – 55; however, it can be used in younger individuals seeking treatment for acne scars, improving certain contours or desired features on the face, and for buttock augmentation.  Patients who are older than this range also receive Sculptra for volume loss and wrinkle reduction but may need more injection sessions to achieve their ultimate cosmetic goal.  

How long do Sculptra results last? 
For longer-lasting results, some patients may need to receive several Sculptra treatments. Sculptra is different from dermal fillers because the results usually last up to two years or longer. Since the production of collagen continues to develop over time, results also appear more gradually.

Sculpt A Youthful Face

Restore the volume and smoothness of your face and get that fuller buttock you’ve always wanted with nonsurgical Sculptra Aesthetic injections at Adean Kingston, M.D., PLLC in Dallas, Texas.  Dr. Kingston will help determine if Sculptra is right for your goals and concerns during your consultation before creating your custom treatment plan. Contact our office to schedule your consultation for Sculptra or one of our other procedures.

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