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Nonsurgical Butt Augmentation in Dallas, TX

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What is a nonsurgical butt augmentation?

Getting your butt to have a full, balanced, and smooth appearance can be difficult, even with lots of exercise. Adean Kingston, M.D. is proudly offers nonsurgical butt augmentations to our Dallas, TX patients. This revolutionary nonsurgical body contouring treatment is the first and only procedure to combine EMSCULPT NEO®, a high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM+) energy and radiofrequency (RF) energy, along with the injectable filler Sculptra®, in order to simultaneously strengthen your muscles, eliminate stubborn fat cells, and fill out your butt without surgery or squats.. Set up a consult with dermatologist Adean Kingston at our Dallas, TX location to find out more about our nonsurgical butt augmentation procedure and additional nonnsurgical body shaping choices.


How does it work?

After your consultation to develop your custom plan for treatment, you will receive your nonsurgical butt augmentation in one of our minor procedure rooms.

EMSCULPT NEO treatments can take roughly a half hour within our Dallas, TX location. If patients wish to target numerous areas in the same session, this might require additional time. To start, you will lay down comfortably in one of the individualized treatment rooms while we put the EMSCULPT NEO applicators on the identified areas you wish to pinpoint. You will feel your muscles contract as the EMSCULPT NEO distributes strong pulses into the targeted spots. We will monitor you and alter the treatment if needed to ensure you continue feeling relaxed. After your treatment, it is normal to have soreness in your muscles, as though you have just completed a tough workout session.

After your EMSCULPT NEO treatment, Sculptra will be injected down to the deeper layers of the skin at the chosen areas of the butt and hips. For best results, Dr. Kingston suggests a series of four Sculptra treatments that are each scheduled at Adean Kingston, M.D. about three weeks apart.

Shape and Sculpt

Restore the volume and smoothness of your butt with our nonsurgical butt augmentation treatments at Adean Kingston, M.D. in Dallas, TX. Dr. Adean Kingston will help you decide if our blend of EMSCULPT NEO and Sculptra is appropriate for your goals and concerns at your consultation before developing your custom treatment plan. Contact our office to make your consultation for a butt augmentation or other procedures.

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