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Lash Lift and Tint in Dallas, TX

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what is a Lash Lift and Tint?

A lash lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes. It creates thick, gorgeous lashes that naturally curl in the way you've always wanted. While many clients think they need lash extensions to achieve their desired eyelash length, people often underestimate the length of their own eyelashes. Lash lifts begin to curl at the root, which allows the eyelashes to showcase their raw length.

This treatment can be combined with a lash tint to add some additional color and definition to your eyelashes. When incorporated with a lash lift, this can eliminate the need for mascara and lash curlers for about 6-8 weeks.

What Are the Benefits of A Lash Lift?

Discover the transformative benefits of a lash lift and tint at Adean Kingstongm M.D. for enhanced eye beauty. This cosmetic procedure offers numerous advantages, providing stunning, long-lasting results. Some of these benefits include:

  • Lifts and curls lashes for a wide-eyed look
  • Darkens lashes for a more defined appearance
  • Reduces the need for mascara application
  • Enhances natural lashes without extensions
  • Boosts confidence with a low-maintenance beauty solution
  • Lasts for weeks with minimal upkeep
  • Customizable options for desired lash lift and tint

Can i get a lash lift and tint?

A lash lift or tint are fairly simple treatments that can be performed on most people. The only requirement is strong, healthy eyelashes. Otherwise, they may not display the best possible results. However, if your eyelashes are strong enough for it, these treatments can save your eyelashes from the recurring damage of a lash curler or eyelash extensions.

how is a Lash Lift and Tint performed?

At the beginning of the treatment, your lashes will be cleaned of any remaining dirt or makeup before the top lashes are separated from the bottom. At this point, a silicone shield will be inserted onto the skin using a light adhesive. The eyelashes are then combed upward and a perm solution is applied for 12 minutes to encourage them into their new shape. Then a setting solution is applied for 12 minutes to finish their look. If this is being used in conjunction with a tint treatment, the next 12 minutes will be spent slowly administering a colored dye to your eyelashes.

How to care for a last lift and tint

While the treatment typically requires very little maintenance, proper care during the initial 24 hours after a lash lift is critical to receiving the desired results. During this time, your eyelashes should avoid:

·         Mascara

·         Water

·         Makeup

·         All forms of steam and humidity

After 24 hours, the results should be final and your daily routine can go back to normal. You'll also be able to go back to using mascara. However, if you also received a lash tint, there will be no need for mascara as your lashes will already have the lift and color you desire. Results for both treatments usually last anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks.

Lash Lift and Tint FAQ

How long does a lash lift and tint take?

The lashes are combed upward, and then a perm solution is applied for 12 minutes. Then a setting solution is applied for another 12 minutes. If you’re also getting a tint, that will also take 12 minutes. So, the total time you can expect your lash lift and tint to take is about 45 minutes to an hour.

Can you wear mascara with a lash lift?

Yes, you can. However, you’ll have to wait at least 24 hours after your lash lift to ensure everything has set. During that 24-hour period, you should avoid mascara, water, makeup, touching your lashes, putting contacts in, and any steam or humidity. However, if you add a tint to your lift, you won't generally need to wear mascara.

How long does a lash lift and tint last?

You can expect the results of your lash lift and tint to last between 6 - 8 weeks.

How do you sleep after getting a lash lift?

When you’ve had a lash lift, it is always better to sleep on your back to avoid your lashes getting stuck to the pillow or harming their shape. After 48 hours, your lashes should be completely set, which means you don’t have to be as restrictive on the way you sleep.

get longer, beautiful Lashes

Great eyelashes can completely transform the definition of your eyes. Lash lifts and tints are easy, painless treatments that can get you the results you desire without the damaging effects of eyelash extensions. If you're tired of all the work that goes into having amazing eyelashes, schedule an appointment for a lash lift and tint today.

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